Peo's Evolution Journal


In June of 2010, when I was four and a half years old, my family visited New York City for a month. We got a membership to the American Museum of Natural History so we could visit it many times. I really liked the stuff on the fourth floor of the museum because it starts with an orientation film that is nice and quiet, all about the evolution of vertebratres. Then the whole floor is laid out like the tree of life (which scientists call a cladogram) and you can walk along the evolutionary paths of vertebrates.

I liked it so much that Mummy and I decided to make a journal of all the things I saw and learned there. We bought a special notebook and pen from the museum's Dino Shop and spent two whole days working on it. Now we want to share it with everyone else. Each page here has information about a stop on the path. There are photos I took, photos Mummy took, and scans of my journal pages. There is also a link to the Museum's page about the same topic so you can see more pictures and read more stuff.

Mummy helped me write the words because I couldn't write very well yet, but they're all words I said to her, but sometimes we weren't sure how to say some words so we wrote them down from what the signs said. I did the drawings all by myself.

We hope you like the journal, learn a lot, and maybe decide to visit the museum someday yourself.

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Evolution Journal - Cover

Evolution Journal - Title Page

Last Updated: October 2010