Hi, my name is Peo and I am seven years old. I mostly like doing karate and playing with my best friends. But whenever I have a chance I’ll just grab a book and read.

I’m very imaginative. I get most of my ideas from things that happen in real life but sometimes I’ll just go to MindLand (also called Imagination Land) and that’s all the stories here, the stories from MindLand. I started going there only a few days ago when I went to the JWST. When I went to and from there, that’s the story of that time. MindLand is new. The stories from there haven’t been in the world so far. I’ve been making up stories but they weren’t from MindLand. They came from an old place called the Shabby Stories Shack.

Most of the stories here might have explosions or outer space in them. Otherwise they’re mysteries so you don’t know if they have explosions or outer space. They may have both.

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