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Magnetizing is Awesome!

One day, just a few weeks ago, we did a science kit. It was a magnet science kit. The kit had seven experiments. They all had to do with one of the four magnets that came with it.

Here are some pictures from when I did that:

10 items 1 magnetizeation

This is 10 items but only 1 is magnetic. It’s the scissors!!!!!!!!

magneto car.

This car can be driven by a magnet. VRRRRROOOM VROOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!

iron filings face + magneto car

Do you see magneto car? That’s me making a iron filing face behind it. WOOT!

testing 1 2 (magnet version)

This is me trying to pick up a pen with a magnet. FAIL!

notes notes notes la la notes

This is me taking notes.

compass time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is me looking at a compass I just made.

filings 1

This is a really interesting iron filing picture.

filings 2

This is another really interesting iron filing picture.

Peo’s Questions


  1. How do magnets work?
  2. How do poles stick to each other?
  3. And why do poles that are alike repel?