Hi, my name is Peo and I am seven years old. I mostly like doing karate and playing with my best friends. But whenever I have a chance I’ll just grab a book and read.

I want to blog about science because I’m really interested in it. My three favorite subjects are paleo-exo-biology (which is studying fossils in outer space), astronomy, and paleontology. The Periodic Table of Elements is pretty interesting too. My favorite element is Iron because it’s the first thing mentioned in my second favorite elements song, which is the They Might Be Giants’ song called “Meet The Elements”. My favorite elements song is sung to the tune of “Modern Major General”. It’s Tom Lehrer’s “Elements”. Of course my second favorite song from “Pirates of Penzance” is “Modern Major General” but my first favorite is “With Cat Like Tread”.

On this blog you will learn about my most interesting experiences in science. I might for example post about an experiment done with my science teacher at school, or I might learn something new from my research to become a paleo-exo-biologist. My mom helped me set this up but it’s all my blog in my own words.

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Image Credit: banner graphic made by Peo and Mum with a self-modified DoppleMe

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